Our 5 + 10 System

A lot of companies will make big promises about how they will guarantee the cleanliness of your building. But how do they deliver on this promise? Do they just tell their cleaner to “clean that building”? Maybe they instruct them to “empty all of the trash”? If these do not seem like very explicit instructions, that is because they are not. Your Way Cleaning has a systematic approach to cleaning every office and every restroom. It is how we ensure that we clean what we claim to. We call it our “5 + 10 System.” 

These 5 steps are followed, in order, when entering each new office/cubicle:

  1. Empty wastebasket(s) and disinfect telephone(s)
  2. Squaring and Wiping of desk(s)
  3. Dusting schedule: (Depending on service days requested)
  4. Vacuum and/or sweep floor
  5. Spot-clean walls, light switches and door kick plate

And these 10 steps are followed, in order, when entering each restroom:

  1. Fill dispensers (Soap, Paper towels, Toilet Paper)
  2. Empty waste and sanitary napkin receptacles
  3. Dusting schedule (depending on building service days)
  4. Sweep floor
  5. Clean commodes and urinals
  6. Spot clean partitions and walls
  7. Clean sinks
  8. Clean mirrors
  9. Mop floor
  10. Pour water down the floor drain 1x per week (this removes any smell of sewer gas that may rise up through the pipes.)

Each one of our cleaners is trained in these steps to ensure that no major area is ever missed in cleaning a building. Simple, effective, and efficient cleaning is what we strive for every time.

Dual-Stage Carpet Cleaning

If you look for carpet cleaning options, you will often come across companies advertising their process of “steaming” your carpet. That sounds like a good option, right? Why wouldn’t “steaming” your carpet clean it? A lot of the reason why it does not clean that well is due to flaws inherent in the “steaming” and how limited this process is.

So what are those limits? Think of cleaning carpet like cleaning yourself in a shower. Would you consider yourself clean if you just got in, stood in the hot water, and got out? That is essentially what “steaming” does. Only, it does not steam. No cleaner on the market actually “steams” carpet. This is a misnomer. What is used is very hot water. Though I am sure if someone tried to sell you on Hot Water Carpet Cleaning, you would look elsewhere!

Our process is different. We clean carpet with a Dual-Stage process (one of the few companies to do so!). This is like getting in the shower, scrubbing with soap, rinsing, and drying off.

So what are the stages of Dual-Stage Carpet Cleaning?

First, we scrub the carpet with high-powered brushes (or by hand, in hard to reach or delicate areas) while using a special mixture of chemicals formulated to draw dirt, grease, and stains out of your carpet.

Second, we go over the scrubbed area with hot water, and then finish by extracting the water, grime, dirt, and soap with high-pressure vacuums that are specially designed for this process.
By using this unique, two-step process for cleaning carpet, we make sure that stains and grime are not missed. I cannot count the amount of times that we have been told “you made our carpet look brand new!” by customers who were skeptical of our claims at first.