Your Way Commercial Office Cleaning Company has over 50 years of cleaning experience and knowledge, including office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, restorative carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and a variety of hard floor care and cleaning (vinyl, terrazzo, wood, and tile). The Povlitz family started in the Metro Detroit area in 1970; Charles Povlitz and his brothers sought to build something lasting to care for their families. As the company grew, he began to realize that such a company could also take care of others and their families. This spirit of stewardship and fairness has governed our company through several generations of leadership and continues to inform how we do business. We look to take care of our employees, as well as our customers, firmly believing that business can be beneficial for all involved.

Charles Povlitz – Founder-Original Co-Owner

Founder & Co-Owner Charles Povlitz has been involved in the commercial cleaning industry for over 50+ years. ¬†Professional Building Maintenance was Charles’s first full-service commercial cleaning operation, and he was in partnership with his brother David Povlitz for over 20 years. During their collaboration, they developed a proprietary cleaning system that is still used today by both brothers’ commercial cleaning services. After dissolving the partnership with his brother Dave, Charles went on to own and operate his own commercial cleaning company on the east side of Michigan for the next ten years. Eventually, Charles joined his Daughter Cara Oorbeck in starting a new company in West Michigan and combined both companies, which is known today as Marshall Maintenance dba Your Way Cleaning. ¬†Charles and Cara successfully enjoyed a partnership until Cara’s son Quinton Charles took over the family business by purchasing the company from his mother and grandfather.

Quinton Charles

Quinton Charles- Current Owner-Operator

Quinton has been involved in the cleaning business from a young age cleaning carpets and floor stripping and refinishing since he was a young teenager. After graduating from California State University, Quinton returned to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and rejoined the business. He has since purchased the company and continues to grow it daily. Quinton maintains a solid commitment to customer service, working diligently to improve systems while leading his teams. Your Way Cleaning is a full-service cleaning business committed to the best quality in the cleaning industry while offering affordability to the customer.